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Virginia Water Heaters

Are you searching a reliable water heater company for any type of hot water heater installation, repair or replacement in Virginia? Call us now as We offer trusted electric, gas and tankless water heater services in Middlesex County, Mathews County, Gloucester, Kilmarnock, West Point, and surrounding areas.

Tank or Tankless... Hot Showers either way!

Going tankless vs a traditional tank water heater means never running out of hot water and the energy efficiency saves you money on your utilities. Griffin Air Plumbing has become the area's experts in water heater installations.  And you don't have to spend thousands to upgrade to tankless. We have an unbeatable offer for every situation. Pay as you go! Check out our financing program here!  Explore Griffin Air Plumbing as a Service program.

Get a Gas or Electric Water Heater for just $14.99/mo.


Our expert plumbers install water heaters same day in some cases.  Replacing your water heater has never been so affordable until now! Our Griffin Air Plumbing Plus program includes maintenance for our conventional gas and electric water heaters too!  Middlesex, Mathews, Gloucester, Kilmarnock, King and Queen, West Point.. Call us now!  804-505-0247

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