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Smart Home Products

Griffin Air HVAC and Plumbing is committed to offering the most cutting edge products in the industry.  Smart thermostats, security cameras, water leak protection, and air monitoring real time are just a few of the products we can offer.  Customers have peace of mind knowing their home is safe. 


Imagine receiving an email when your home drops below a set temp?  Imagine receiving an email when a pipe bursts and water is pouring in your home?  Imagine receiving an email when an intruder has entered your home.  Imagine receiving an email when the air in your home has become unsafe to breathe?  

Now imagine not receiving those email notifications...  And that water continues to pour until you get home or that intruder gets away unnoticed or you come home and continue to let your children breathe that unsafe air.  Let us help!  Call today! 804-505-0247

Griffin Air HVAC's Programmable Wi-Fi Learning Thermostat: Take control of your home's heating and cooling without lifting a finger with our thermostats, which learns your habits and adjusts to automatically regulate your home's temperature based on your schedule.  They can also notify you if there's an issue.  Receive an email when your home drops below a certain temp and turning up the heat for your pet at home from your smart phone.

The smarter way to know what's happening at home: An all-in-one security system that comes with Amazon Alexa built in and facial recognition that gives you smart mobile alerts. Its do-it-yourself security made easy, that you install and control yourself and that grows with your needs. The Camera Base Station can connect to Access Sensors, MotionViewers, cameras and additional services to help you watch over whats important. Whether you rent, own or relocate regularly, Honeywell Smart Home Security is designed to adapt to your life.


At Griffin Air HVAC, the Daikin One Home Air Monitor helps monitor the air quality within the whole home. Working with the Daikin One ecosystem, it detects, visualizes, and supports action to help you improve the indoor air quality within your space.

The Daikin One Home Air Monitor is a whole house indoor air quality monitoring device designed to be used in conjunction with the Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat. It measures the physical properties and composition of the air stream using particulate and gas phase sensors including an optical particle counter, temperature, humidity, pressure and VOC sensors.This device contains a certified third party wireless module for WiFi and Bluetooth communications to transmit data to an access point such as a consumer router.

Griffin Air Plumbing is is now offering an automatic water shut-off valve detects water either by monitoring flows in the pipe or by detecting water on the floor. When flow is irregular or moisture is detected, the valve will shut off the water supply to your home. These can prevent a significant amount of the damage that water leaks cause.

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