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We serve the following counties and cities:

James City County, Virginia

Toano, Virginia

Norge, Virginia

Lightfoot, Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia

Fords Colony

Colonial Heritage



New Kent County, Virginia

Barhamsville, Virginia

Slaterville, Virginia

Eltham, Virginia

Lancaster County, Virginia

Kilmarnock, Virginia

Irvington, Virginia

White Stone, Virginia

Weems, Virginia

Lively, Virginia



County, Virginia

Wicomico Church, Virginia

Burgess, Virginia

Reedville, Virginia

Middlesex County Virginia:

Saluda, Virginia

Urbanna, Virginia

Deltaville, Virginia

Hartfield, Virginia

Christchurch, Virginia

Remlik, Virginia

Topping, Virginia

Locust Hill, Virginia

Hardyville, Virginia

Wake, Virginia

Jamaica, Virginia

Waterview, Virginia

Mathews County, Virginia

Cobbs Creek, Virginia

Gwynn, Virginia

Susan, Virginia

Onemo, Virginia

North, Virginia

Hudgins, Virginia

Cardinal, Virginia

Bavon, Virginia

Moon, Virginia

York County, Virginia

Yorktown, Virginia

Grafton, Virginia

Seaford, Virginia

Lackey, Virginia

King and

Queen County, Virginia

Shacklefords, Virginia

West Point, Virginia

King and Queen

Courthouse, Virginia

Elsom, Virginia

Mattaponi, Virginia

Cologne, Virginia

Clancie, Virgina

Gloucester County, Virginia

Achilles, Virginia

Gloucester, Virginia

Gloucester Point, Virginia

Ark, Virginia

Dutton, Virginia

Hayes, Virginia

Guinea, Virginia

Woods Cross Roads, Virginia

Owl Trap, Virginia


Essex County, Virginia

Laneview, Virginia

Center Cross, Virginia

Wares Wharf, Virginia

Tappahannock, Virginia

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