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Griffin Air LLC is one of the only licensed and insured HVAC and plumbing contractors offering services to our local campgrounds for RVs.  Have you ever noticed when having someone work on your home away from home at Bethpage, Greys Point, Bush Park, or Thousand Trails campgrounds that they never seem to even be licensed when you look them up on DPOR?  Griffin Air is your go to the next time your air conditioner or furnace stops working or if you need a new water heater in your RV trailer.

Griffin Air does RVs?

Yes we do!  No matter the brand or age of your RV, we can accommodate and help you with your HVAC and plumbing projects.  We get the job done right!  When you come down to your RV, you want the peace of mind knowing that if there's an issue, we can help!  Coleman, Dometic, Advent, Atwood, and so many more brands are offered by our service team.  

Ductless too!

Tired of that loud rooftop air conditioner.  Have to turn up the TV everytime it kicks on?  Or maybe you're tired of burning gas to heat your RV?  No matter the case, Griffin Air has solutions!  We install ductless minisplits in RVs all the time!  They're a quiet, affordable, and efficient option to heat and cool your RV home.  Daikin is the best at doing ductless minisplits and Griffin Air is a Daikin Comfort Pro!  Some of our warranties extend up to 12 years for parts AND LABOR!  

Did you Know?

Did you know you can install a wifi thermostat on your RV trailer?  We have customers that can turn on their air conditioner on the way down to the campground from their smart phone and have the RV nice and cool when they step in!  Not all RVs have the capability, but in a lot of cases, we can install a wifi thermostat.  It will even email you if something is wrong!  You'll know without even having to make the trip down if your trailer has risen over a set temperature!

Where to Start!

Well that's it.  Need a repair to your RV, call us today to schedule and appointment.  Need maintenance and to get it ready for the season, contact us!  Need a new system estimate, call 804-505-0247!  

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