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Why stay local with your business

Searching for HVAC contractors near me or ac repair near me, I believe you should stay local with

your business even if it's not with Griffin Air. We have a unique area. Virginia is hot and cold, humid at times, and consider that there is more than just temperature affecting your comfort and issues in your home.

You want someone that understands the area, the unique challenges this area faces, and is local and cares about you and your business. Bringing in a company from say Richmond might seem like a good idea at first for whatever reason, but we've found that they may not understand all the problems you may face.

I remember when I first moved to this area and found out there's more to just cooling a home to consider. For example, over sizing a system can not only cause short cycling and inefficiency, but it can also cause humidity issues leading to sweating walls, mold and so on.

Have a question or want more information on why you should stay local? Call us today at 804-505-0247!

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