New construction issue

Updated: May 21, 2020

New construction has a given our industry a bad reputation over the years. So many builders try to cut costs and have second rate companies install systems for a bottom dollar and create so many issues down the road. Time after time we are hired to go into homes because ”the system is new but doesn’t keep up.” We usually find issue after issue including poor installation, undersized ductwork, and lower rate materials.

We went to a home two days ago that was having some of these issues. The home was only two years old and the customer said the air-conditioning has never really kept up on hot days. We found the return ductwork to be half the size that it should’ve been and the supply ductwork to be severely undersized as well. They thought they went with a ”good brand” and hired the HVAC company that their builder uses. (The old saying you get what you pay for rings loud and true on this)

So what does Griffin Air offer that most don’t? We understand that your builder of your new home may have someone that they are more comfortable with and have used for a long time. But we can help by doing a simple inspection of what they are installing and let you know if there is any issues. We can run a ductulater test on the ducts and let you know if they are undersized.

You should want some extra protection Just having a second set of Eyes on the installation. A set of eyes with years of experience, takes pride in doing things right, and is known for looking out for the customer with online reviews to prove it. Want to make sure your system is being installed right? Call us today.

If you wait until after the home is built and then have issues, you may not get the installation company to come back and fix it. Then you will have to pay someone to come do it right.

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