In addressing the HVAC and plumbing concerns in the areas we service, I think we can agree that Deltaville is unlike anywhere else.  No where else has issues with septic systems being in the swampy soil, wells producing salty water and heat pumps/air conditioners being constantly in saltwater atmosphere conditions.  Whether located on Stingray point, down Jackson Creek Road or in Chesapeake Watch, you need an heating and air contractor that knows your situation and how to fix it.

Being on the water brings a set of challenges like no other.  Griffin Air has worked hard to find the best products on the market that stand up against the abuse that saltwater can put on metal equipment.  Different coils perform different ways in these conditions and can corrode the metals.

The U.S. Navy Research concluded in Technical Report #N-1560 that Spine Fin All Aluminum coils maintained efficiency 32% better after 24 months of operation in a corrosive environment (coastal or urban), than copper tube/aluminum fin units.

Next, sizing condensers properly is detrimental when installing HVAC systems in areas like Deltaville.  Oversizing an air conditioner could ruin your home, because it’s not just about lowering the temperature in the room.  You need a system that will also lower the humidity in the home.  If not, the unit could short cycle, walls sweat and mold could start to grow.

So whether you want get the best products with Spine Fin coils, have a system sized properly or any get another service in Deltaville or a surrounding area?  Call Griffin Air today at 804-505-0247!

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