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Daikin Fit is saving customers money!

Replacing a heating and cooling system can be an expensive purchase for your family. That's why homeowners need to have an option that is both efficient and affordable. Luckily for homeowners, Griffin Air has just the solution -- the Daikin FIT system.  

What Is the Daikin FIT System?

The Daikin FIT system is a smart HVAC system that is compact, yet powerful enough to keep your entire home temperature controlled and comfortable. At Griffin Air, we offer the Daikin Fit, backed by industry-leading 12-year parts, labor, and replacement warranties, at an affordable price.

Why Should I Replace My Current AC with the Daikin FIT System?

The Daikin FIT System Will Keep Your Home Comfortable.

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity can be tough. By having the Griffin Air team install the Daikin FIT system, you can create your unique ecosystem regardless of the temperature outside.

The Daikin FIT system uses variable-speed Inverter Technology, which means the fan is always running. Due to the inverter technology, the air in your home will continue to circulate through your air filters and not become stagnant. You will see an improvement in your home's air quality and dehumidification. Now, that's what Daikin calls "Air Intelligence."

With Griffin Air and Daikin, you do not have to compromise on comfort.

The Daikin FIT System Is Energy Efficient and Budget Friendly.

The Daikin FIT system is an excellent investment for your home. Daikin's variable-speed Inverter Technology makes it, so there's no ramping on and off of the motor every time the temperature inside fluctuates a few degrees. Instead, the always running, variable-speed technology meets the current demand like a car in cruise control. This technology makes the Daikin FIT system highly efficient, saving an average of 30% on yearly energy costs. The money you're saving on reduced energy costs is money you can budget elsewhere.

The Daikin FIT System is Ultra Quiet.

Air conditioning systems are noisy, especially during the summer. Thankfully with the Daikin FIT system, you will not have to worry about that. It has low operational sound levels

and is nearly twice as quiet as a standard AC. It can operate as little as 48 decibels. Imagine light rain or the unnoticeable hum of your refrigerator. Never again hear that monster of an air conditioner kick on when you're watching your favorite shows, enjoying a night out with friends on the patio, or while you're trying to sleep.

The Daikin FIT System is Space Saving.

Take back your outdoor living space. Large cube style air conditioners are so 19th century. Daikin has created a compact, side-discharge system that offers spacious solutions for homeowners. Gone are the days where you have to hide your AC. The Daikin FIT system is perfect for zero lot line homes and/or locations, patio, terrace, roof, and multi-story areas that would typically require a crane to install.  Griffin Air can help you find the right solution.

The Daikin FIT System Has an Industry-Leading Warranty.

Whether you are looking to replace your broken down or old air conditioning unit, get a Daikin FIT system installed by the best HVAC team. Griffin Air and Daikin offer industry-leading 12-year parts, 12-year labor, and 12-year replacement warranties on the Daikin FIT system. If a significant component breaks in the first 12 years - you will receive an entirely new air conditioner.

The Daikin FIT System Comes Standard with the Daikin ONE+ Smart Thermostat.

This professional, smart thermostat goes further than your average smart thermostat by including humidity controls (both adding moisture and removing it) and air quality monitoring. The Daikin ONE+ seamlessly (and automatically) switches between heating and cooling controls. Many other features include geofencing, temperature scheduling, voice control, and so much more as Daikin can serve system updates straight to the Daikin ONE+.

We have customers saving money in Gloucester Virginia, Williamsburg Virginia, Kilmarnock Virginia and all over the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck. Call Griffin Air Today! 804-505-0247

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