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Since starting my business, I’ve looked for new and creative ways to grow and set ourselves apart from the competition.  The HVAC business is one that being different is rare.  Most companies fall into some sort of cookie cutter business that offers the same or similar product and warranty in the same or similar ways.

I’ve tried things like offering promotions, selling the best products, hiring the best technicians I could find and so on.  I do regular education, staff meetings and product testing with our team.  We are always just trying to get better, but also be above the crowd.  Be a shining light in midst of a sea of other companies.

I think I’ve found it! There’s one thing that we are offering now that we can hang our hat so to speak.  We can say here’s the value that our customers’ are looking for.  This one thing can be a game changer for our customers.  No one else has it… This is the “cat’s meow” in our industry.  Not a fancy product.  Not a smooth speech.  Not a cookie reward for doing business with us.  Nope.  It’s what every customer wants and may not even know it.  What is it?

It’s “peace of mind” in the form of the best warranty in the area.  Every company offers warranties, but this is different.  Griffin Air is offering absolute best warranty money can buy.  Great products that are now being backed with great warranties.  Some products come with a standard 10 year parts warranty coupled with a 10 year labor warranty.  Let me say that again… 10 YEAR PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY!  No gimmicks.  No funny business.  If any parts go bad in the first 10 years, the part and the labor are covered!

So aside from us trying to be the most honest, hard working, professional company in the area.  Offering the best, most efficient products and competitive pricing.  We now sell the that peace of mind that every family looks for when having their hvac system installed.  When average folks would squeeze every bit of life out those old inefficient systems, you might be more inclined to go ahead and replace now that you know that you’ll be covered.  Like really covered this time.  Give us a chance to earn your business!

We care at Griffin Air!     –Josh

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