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An AC guy From the Heart

This post is unlike any I've done. I decided to do a blog post from the heart. Not just talking about

some product but some of my genuine thoughts as owner of Griffin Air. The hope is that if someone were to come across this post, they'd find out that we are more than just a Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing company.

I started Griffin Air some years ago with a Jeep, a little trailer, and a dream. At the time, my only goal was to start a company, be different, and hopefully break the mold of how things are done and provide customers with an above average experience. I've learned a lot since then but still try to stick to that mindset. So I'd like to go over some of the things that Griffin Air does that's different from most other HVAC companies...

One of the things I learned as Griffin Air started to grow was that I would need systems and routines in place for future employees to follow. I couldn't be everywhere on every job if theres more than 2 trucks on the road. And now that we have 5 trucks running in different directions, it's impossible to have my attention on every single little job. So with these systems, it allows me to put my fingerprint on every job even if I can't physically be there. Above average customer experiences through putting systems in place for employees to follow.

One of those systems has become what we call our "VIP club and Plus Club." These clubs are basically savings programs paired with maintenance of the HVAC equipment or plumbing in the home. One thing I wanted was for our maintenances or tune ups to be above and beyond most other companies. Our tuneups are not a "check up." They aren't a technician "kicking the tires", checking a few things, and leaving after being on site for 10 minutes. They are extensive. We try to make things new again, efficient, and long term maintained. Want more info? Give us a call.

Next thing we've done is become really picky with new hires. I don't just hire anyone. I've had HVAC techs and plumbers come in for interviews with all kinds of experience and knowledge but fall short on attitude or overall outlook on life. I've learned from other business owners that if I want a healthy company with good morale, employees that don't hate their job, and folks that can provide that above average customer experience, I had to be picky about who I hire. And it's worked! I've found some awesome people. Some may come from other backgrounds but some have been doing what we do their entire adult lives! And they're all customer oriented. They care about what we do and want the best for our customers. Don't believe me? Ask them. Our guys will tell you.

Finally, the last thing I'll share that I think sets us apart from most other companies is that we have

examined everything, tried and tested, and made changes to our products and offerings. We don't sell what we sell just because. We sell the best products money can buy with the absolute best warranties. Not just because I say so, but it's true. Test us. Compare us. I am always okay with customers getting other quotes because we are providing so much. I didn't want to be the "cheap guy" that'll do the least. We want to be who folks turn to when they want it done right with top of the line products and installations. And of course the BEST WARRANTIES. We have systems right now that come with a 12 year parts AND LABOR warranty!

That's not all. That's just the highlights. If you haven't used us before, give us a try. I think you'll see a difference. Call us today! 804-505-0247

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