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Griffin Air HVAC System Replacements

Replacing your heating and air conditioning system is a major investment—one that could have positive (or negative!) consequences that last for years. Many homeowners feel that the most important decision is the brand of equipment they choose to install. But industry experts, including those with the EPA, ENERGY STAR®, and Comfort Institute, say otherwise!

Choosing a contractor who understands how your home’s construction, duct system, and equipment work together to create the comfort level for you and your home is the most important factor to consider when you start thinking about replacing your HVAC equipment. 

Heat Pumps, Air conditioners, Ductless Minisplits, and Furnaces are best installed by Griffin Air! Compare our testimonials and warranties to anyone!

Give us a call at 804-505-0247 to learn more about our HVAC replacement services in Urbanna, Deltaville, Mathews, Gloucester, Kilmarnock, and the surrounding areas.

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In Need of AC or Furnace Replacement in Hartfield, Virginia or a Surrounding Area?

Start with a unique service that will ensure your new system really does save energy, increase comfort, reduce dust, and improve the indoor air. Test, don’t guess!

To schedule AC, Heat pump, or furnace replacement in Hartfield, Urbanna, Deltaville, Mathews, Gloucester, Lancaster, or the surrounding areas, give us a call at 804-505-0247 or contact us online today!

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Things to Consider When Replacing Your HVAC Equipment


One of the most talked-about results of a new system upgrade, but the least actually addressed, is how comfortable your new system keeps you! If your old HVAC equipment did not cool or heat your home properly, why do you think the new system is going to do any better?

We consistently get asked to install larger HVAC equipment because of a lack of even or complete heating or cooling. But in our industry, we often find most equipment is oversized.

Why is it that a system will not cool or heat even if it’s the correct size or if it’s too big? The answer usually comes down to the duct system or the home’s overall construction. Checking the square footage of your home and guessing on insulation values is not testing your home—without a detailed analysis, you are just replacing one box with a new box!

At Griffin Air, we offer duct system leakage tests and air infiltration tests to make sure that your new heating and cooling equipment will work properly and not only provide the required heating and cooling but will do so while creating minimal dust and the most even-temperatured home possible.





Another big selling point in our industry is efficiency. A lot of advertisements would have you believe that a higher efficiency unit will automatically yield major energy savings.

However, the EPA and ENERGY STAR estimate that more than half of all HVAC equipment is installed improperly or has some deficiency that reduces the system efficiency to well below rated specifications. If you try to install a new air conditionerfurnace, or heat pump into a home with leaky ductwork, it does not matter how efficient the equipment is rated—the system will not heat or cool properly or efficiently. Remember that efficiency has to do with how well your HVAC system uses fuel, not how well the system heats or cools.

There are usually rebates or tax credits available for installation of higher efficiency equipment, and the possibility of lower utility bills (when a system is installed properly) is always a reason to strive for the highest efficiency available.





The EPA, ENERGY STAR, Consumer Reports, and other industry experts agree that choosing the right contractor is the most important decision you can make regarding your heating and cooling equipment replacement. But how do you choose? Do you base it on the price of the installation?

The question we always ask here is—what price? The initial installation price? The price of installation plus the utility, repair, and maintenance cost after five years? 10 years? How about the comfort cost? Do you go with your gut feeling?

We feel that our job is to provide you with the best information available, to present you with all of your options, and to make sure you understand how those options will affect you over the life of the system. HVAC replacement is a large investment that can directly affect your cash flow, yearly budget, and comfort level for the next 15-20 years. Choose wisely!


While important, the brand of HVAC equipment should be the last thing you think about during the replacement decision. At Griffin Air, we are a factory-authorized Daikin Comfort Pro Dealer. We feel that Daikin offers the most advanced equipment in the industry along with incredible customer support, parts availability, and warranty coverage. That said, we do offer other brands and consider them to be excellent choices as well.

When it comes down to it, your HVAC system is a box that needs to be installed properly. No matter what brand of equipment you choose, if it is not installed properly, you will not be able to properly heat or cool your home.

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Schedule HVAC Replacement in Middlsex, Mathews or the Surrounding Areas

If you’re in need of AC, Heat Pump, or furnace replacement in Gloucester, Lancaster, or the surrounding areas, look no further than Griffin Air. Our team of technicians is highly trained and equipped to handle any HVAC service.

For more information on our HVAC replacement services, including AC and furnace replacement in Urbanna, Deltaville, Gloucester, King and Queen, and the surrounding areas, give us a call at 804-505-0247 today! 

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